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What sets us apart is our ability to transform your unique data in valuable insights that can steer you towards your company's objectives

Connected Fleet

Our dashboard enables a birds eye view of your entire fleet in real time. Understanding the journeys and the behaviors, makes you the architect of improvement.

Reduce Emissions

Keeping a small carbon footprint comes from knowing what your footprint is and seeing a direct path towards reducing it. 

Optimise Resources

In a world of increasing scarcity, leveraging tech in favour of reducing expenditure is no longer a smart move. Its the only move.

Multi Model

Fleets have evolved over time and so have we. Our data can be collected from every type of vehicle. Returning the power of choice back to you.

"You can't improve what you don't measure." 

Unprecedented Vision. Transformational Innovation.

What will the future of transport look like?


We have pieced together the best technology paired to the best practices and the result is the future of transport delivered today.

Some barriers and mindsets are deeply rooted in our industry. Not surprisingly, we we're regularly told that it can't be done. So we have thrown out the old book and redesign the entire framework.

Our platforms and technologies are enabling Kiwi's to be the first in the world to, yet again, lead innovation and transform an industry. We are immensely proud of what we have developed inhouse and in collaboration with our partners.


Join us! Come be part of this journey,  so we can transform travel together.

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