Mobility Solutions in One Complete Platform

Take control and supercharge your fleet by connecting them with our integrated mobility platform. Be ready for the future.

Accel Technologes Integrated Mobility Platform Fleet Management SAAS
Accel Technologes Digital Fleet Management Keyless Entry
Accel Technologes Data and Insights
Accel Technologes Digital Fleet Management

Manage Your Fleet More Effectively

By providing support for multi-modal transport, we go beyond your traditional fleet management systems. We focus on mobilising people, not just managing fleet assets.

Accel Technologes Integrate Mobility Platform Saas

Digitise Your Workflow

Vehicles are now accessible around the clock without the need for dedicated personnel to reserve or hand over keys. No more spreadsheets or physical keys. No more double bookings. By going digital means twice the control with half the effort. 

Accel Technologes Digital Fleet Solutions
Accel Technologes Digital Fleet Solutions

Easy Integration with our Hardware and Software

Our systems are vehicle agnostic making it easy to integrate mobility options for cars, scooters, bikes or mixed fleets. The software can adapt to a multi-modal approach to deliver a fit for purpose solution to any organisation.

Accel Technologes Tesla Fleet
Accel Technologies Micromobility
Accel Technologes Niu Fleet
Accel Technologes Toyota Fleet
Accel Technologes Okai Fleet

Keyless Technology

Accessing a vehicle has never been easier. Once reserved, simply walk up to the vehicle, launch the app, unlock and drive away. No physical keys required. 

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With the Right Platform, Anything Is Possible

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